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Site web: http://www.decoilerfeeder.com/
A propos: ◇ Our History
Fanty machine from 2007 began to focus on the domestic market of punch press automation equipment production and sales, for the size of the domestic hardware industry , auto metal stamping part, saw blade production and so on. Provides the high quality manufacturer of uncoiling, leveling, feeding and punch equipment, help many manufacturers to realize the automation production to upgrade and improve efficiency, Fanty machinery from 2018 begin to expand the international trade, for the domestic high-quality machine manufacturers to provide export services.
◇ Our Product
Uncoiler machine, decoiler straightener machine 2 in 1, decoiler straightener and feeder machine 3 in 1 ;high speed press machine;servo feeder machine;straightener machine;gripper feeder;high speed roll feeder
◇ Product Application
Metal stamping parts, auto stamping parts, button production
◇ Our Certificate
CE certification
◇ Production Equipment
CNC machining center, automatic lathe, large external mill
◇ Production Market
South Africa, Hungary, Malaysia,Romania,Indonesia,Turkey,Eygpt
◇ Our service
Pre-sale: According to the information provided by the customer to recommend the most suitable products
Sales: Keep track and control the production department's progress and quality
After-Sales: Teach customers to debug and install the machine and a one-year warranty periodNC Straightening Feeder

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